Archar Flour Mill

Melnica Archar

The Mill

Archar Flour Mill is one of the largest and most modernised mills in the region of Northwestern Bulgaria. Founded in 1980 it has gained significant expertise in manufacturing high quality flours. Today, it uses modern machinery for the production of its wide variety of flours with main focus on people who appreciate the quality and purity of the food they consume.

Our Flour

We produce a unique range of flours that are milled from selected wheat, rye and variety of healthy seeds, available in bulk and smaller packaging. By really understanding our products and their applications, we believe that somewhere in our carefully crafted traditional, special and boutique wholegrain range, there is something for every household, wholesaler, retailer or bakery.

Realising the importance of healthy and well-balanced food, we focus on keeping maximum level of nutritional ingredients from the wheat and rye grains in our products. We do not use any preservatives or artificial additives, thus unlocking the potential of our flours to perform naturally and achieve cleaner labels.

We are able to dynamically respond to the ever-changing tastes and needs of our clients, highlighting our long-term experience in the milling industry and our vast dedication to create new and unrivaled products.  These core features set us apart from the standard flour millers in Bulgaria and establish our strong reputation in the market segment of healthy and dietary flours.

Archar Flours

Our Principles

One of the most exciting challenges in our job is to successfully satisfy the ever-changing tastes and preferences of our clients. In order to achieve that, we count on the following key principles:

  • quality – we strive to offer the best products and services in every area of our business.
  • balanced ingredients – we dedicate to manufacture safe, clean and wholesome flours that would be associated with healthy and nutritious eating.
  • diversity – we strive to manufacture multipurpose flours suitable for preparing various traditional, dietary or even unusual bakery products.
  • customer delight – we dedicate to satisfy the desires and expectations of our customers by offering excellent quality, product variety, affordable prices and professional service.