Archar Flour Mill



Built on an area of 53,000 square meters, our mill is located in the village of Archar, after which it was named. The current milling capacity of the factory is 3600 tons per month and the machinery and equipment is made by or under the license of the Swiss company “Buhler” – global market leader and supplier of flour milling systems and equipment.

At Archar Flour Mill, we realise that milling the same wheat differently will create two completely different flours. This highlights the importance of the milling process and emphasizes on the impact of physical factors in controlling the quality of the finished product. Therefore, we have been continuously developing and improving our milling capabilities and skills so that we can achieve maximum control over our production processes and supply excellent flours.

The range of flours we produce is achieved by our ability to carefully blend the wheat varieties before milling as well as the flours after milling. Thus, the process is directed towards the customers, allowing us to make specifically modified products meeting their needs and preferences instantaneously. This method of production also ensures a continuous flow of fresh products with superb taste.



A fully automated 3000 ton steel silo as well as 3000 square meters of specially designed storehouses have been built for storing wheat and grains. There are also 1300 square meters of storage facilities for stocking the finished products and by-products. A modern infrastructure with all the necessary equipment has been constructed for managing the supply of input materials and the distribution of finished products. The integrated FIFO (first in-first out) policy in our warehouses ensures only the freshest products to be available to our customers at all times.