Archar Flour Mill


In order to provide superior quality flours, it is critical for us at Archar Flour Mill to carefully select premium natural milling products and supplements such as wheat, rye, oats, linseeds and other wholesome ingredients. We make this possible by carrying out detailed analysis at every stage of the production process in our own laboratory.

Our flours are all natural, with no preservatives, artificial coloring or flavoring. They are packed in distinctive and environmentally friendly paper bags that best retain their nutrient qualities, taste and aroma. We clearly realize that R&D is very deep-seated in everything we do; hence we dedicate substantial time, patience and efforts in that field allowing us to create diverse, balanced and wholesome flours. We also ensure persistent monitoring to all our machinery and equipment, which are subject to regular maintenance and calibration.

The quality control practices are closely pursued by every Archar employee. We are committed to follow those practices in the best possible way in order to continuously deliver the finest products and services we can. Archar Flour Mill is also certified by ISO9001:2000 ensuring quality control in accordance with all international standards and by HACCP, the food safety management certificate.